Whether it’s cruising the high seas or rivers for the very first time (or perhaps 20th), nothing compares to the joy of waking up in a fascinating new destination each and every day!

To get you started on your next great journey, we’ve curating an inspiring collection of cruise experiences that will give you the perfect mix of exciting ships, captivating itineraries, and onshore excursions.

So start packing – these value-packed adventures won’t be around for long!

You haven’t loved until you’ve sailed.

— David Sedaris


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on a cruise? Perhaps you already have salt water in your blood having sailed a dozen or more times? Either way, cruising remains one of the most invigorating and inspiring ways to travel the globe and experience unfamiliar cultures that are vastly different than our own.

Not only is cruising one of today’s absolute best travel values, it’s also one of the most hassle-free ways to experience multiple cities and cultures around the world. Just unpack once and wake up every morning in a fascinating new destination. And with so much interest in sailing the ocean blue (and rivers too!), we decided to do a quick check-in to find out where cruisers are going.

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